UPRT training

Desdemona BV, in co-operation with AMST GmbH, offers Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) with highly realistic motion simulation and a validated aircraft model.

We offer a training in Desdemona, that provides pilots the knowledge and skills to avoid, recognize, and recover aircraft states at the limits of the flight envelope. The recovery scenario’s include “high”-G recovery from upsets, approach-to-stall, and full stall. The SUPRA flight model realistically simulates aircraft behaviour at extreme attitudes and high angles-of-attack (including full stalls). The out-of-the-normal-envelope behavior of the flight model was validated by 9 test pilots.

For the program of the one day course, please have a look at the training syllabus on the AMST website: “Pilot Awareness & Aircraft Limits course”, or contact us directly for more info.

The EU-funded research project SUPRA pushed for new simulator technologies to enable ground-based simulation of upset recovery in commercial transport aircraft. Desdemona provides a technological breakthrough by means of advanced motion cueing concepts for the simulation of sustained G-loads and high angular rates involved in upset conditions.

Space training

Desdemona BV offers unique space simulations in co-operation with the Space Training Academy led by astrophysicist, airline pilot and space travel instructor Nancy Vermeulen.

At the Space Training Academy, future space tourists are mentally and physically prepared for space travel through a unique training programme. The training consists of different modules and can be adjusted to accommodate the wishes of the participant. The simulations are also open to people who have no intention of going to space but want to book the space simulations as a team building exercise or a unique experience.

Space Training Academy offers two simulation modules.

Space ranger: the full astronaut experience

This is the full package which contains 3 simulations in the Desdemona simulator:

  1. Launch to the Moon in a Saturn V rocket, followed by docking with the International Space Station “ISS”.
  2. Learn how to land a space shuttle.
  3. A simulation of a commercial space flight from the perspective of a passenger (space tourist).

Space Cruiser: the space tourist simulation

This module contains the simulation of a suborbital commercial spaceflight in the Desdemona flight simulator from the perspective of a space tourist. Discover what it feels like to travel to space as a passenger: from the exhilarating launch to the breathtaking overview effect.

For more information about the full astronaut training and reservations, contact us, or visit the website of the Space Training Academy directly.