F-16 deepstall training

Empowered by the high-fidelity Bihrle F-16 flightmodel, Desdemona is able to deliver the proper motion cueing for departures from the normal flight envelope (“deep stall”, “inverted deep stall”).

The F-16 model correctly simulates the aircraft’s response in stall entries (nose-high and high dynamic departures) and in “pitch-rocking” recoveries. The motion solution features:

  • one-to-one pitch, roll and yaw cues in the stall and recovery
  • simulation of inverted, -1G, departure
  • large amplitude motions in high dynamic departures
  • full flight simulation from take-off to landing

Dynamic flight simulation

Desdemona combines the capabilities of G-load simulation (centrifuge) with a fully gimballed cabin (pitch, roll and yaw), making it the perfect research tool to investigate new motion solutions for Dynamic Flight Simulation. In DFS the pilot is actively flying a fighter jet in the simulator while experiencing the proper G-loads involved. Although this is an effective method to train dealing with G-forces, the required centrifuge rotation causes Coriolis effects that are disorienting. In Desdemona new motion solutions for DFS were developed that are now being optimized in scientific studies with airforce pilots.

If you are interested in new, optimal, motion solutions for your simulator, then we can offer you our expertise that we gained in many years of research with the Desdemona simulator. An overview of our research publications can be found on Google Scholar.